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Hotel Feasibility Studies

Hotel Feasibility Studies

Source Strategies develops over 100 hotel feasibility studies annually, far more than any other consultancy. We work with all the top hotel & motel brands as well as independent hotels. We have meticulous, detailed data for all markets in Texas. We invented a highly accurate and proprietary method of determining the separate effects on the performance of project variables: location, product type, brand name, quality level, number of rental units, price level, and other factors. Consequently, many Texas lenders insist on a Source Hotel Feasibility Study because of the proprietary methodology and high level of accurate prediction.

Custom Data Analysis

The analysts at Source Strategies can help you parse mountains of hotel data to identify underlying trends and highlight core principles. Our Hotel Data Analysis services are always custom–we sculpt our analysis to meet your specific business needs. Almost any question or performance variable can be analyzed and proved with the powerful Source Database. 
Data Analysis Examples:
  • Hotel Valuations: While Source Strategies is not a licensed appraiser, we can provide detailed information about hotel valuations for banks or other financial institutions.
  • Brand Analysis: Hotels chains require critical information about how their brands are performing.
  • Academic Studies: Source Strategies has worked with numerous institutions of higher learning (Cornell, University of Texas at San Antonio, University of Houston, Temple University) to compile data for studies.
  • Marketing Support: Source Strategies can provide insight into the Texas lodging industry.

Hotel Litigation Support

We provide Hotel Litigation Support for both private and public interests. Source Strategies has worked with clients including the Texas Attorney General’s office and the Texas Department of Transportation to evaluate a variety of business impacts that can affect hotel performance. From unfair competition within a hotel chain to the repercussions of neighboring construction on your business, Source Strategies can weigh the variables and provide you with concrete evidence that will prove your point in a court of law.

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